Are we going to get an update to the beta test build any time soon?

I’m dying to play with the new bata features. new building system, smarter Hearthlings, etc

I know they were originally looking at possibly getting Alpha 23 out by the end of the year. Even if that does happen, it probably won’t include the building system, though. It seems like there’s a lot of work to go.


Yup. The new building editor is not there yet but it’s making good progress, I’m so hyped about it. :smile:

There have been quite a few code refactorings and the new features required updating a lot of existing UI and some of the systems. Remember that whatever we release, it will be unstable (bugs, there might be crashes, etc). :neutral_face:

Don’t worry, we’re trying to wrap up asap to give you something to play with and get your feedback soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


When it is done


Like this? Alpha 23 Appeals on Steam Unstable


wait what’s the status on the building algorithm for hearthlings? It’s nice to have a more fluid experience with building UI but when will we have hearthlings that can build what we design?

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That’s part of revamping the building system :neutral_face:
It will come together with the new editor.

We’ve shown in past DTs how hearthlings were smart enough to know how to use scaffolding more efficiently in the new system.
It was the first thing Chris fixed, using the topology/reachability service, before delving into reworking each of the building tools. However everything is on separate branches that need to be integrated and checked before we can give you something to play with. There will be a new flow for building, so some issues should not even happen with the new system.

If you still have a lot of trouble building your designs, please show them to us and we’ll check them against the new editor. They might uncover edge cases we haven’t thought about yet.

Once we have a minimum set of tools integrated and some usable UI for it we’ll release something for you.

:wink: (I didn’t want to spoil the surprise…)