Are Tom and Tony still working on Stonehearth?

Maybe I missed an announcement, but does anyone know if the twins are still working on Stonehearth?

It seems to me that Allie has been given Tom’s responsibilities and Tony seems to keep a low profile, so have Riot moved them on to other things?

After all, we know Riot didn’t buy Radiant for Stonehearth, so they must have had something else in mind.


Remember the other game Radiant was making?
Would not surprise me if you see a similar version based on League of Legends in the future.
If not then I don’t know. One thing though since they were bought up we are seeing bigger alphas and faster releases aren’t we?
So at least I don’t think it has affected the team in any negative way. Would be cool if Riot gave this game some more exposure so that the mod community could grow a little. I don’t think they would mind the extra revenue either.

Giving something exposure isn’t easy at all. I work in marketing (not for games, but still) and exposure is a frickle construct. Adverts are increadibly expansive, if done right, youtubers typically only feature games when they are new or leaving early access. Overfall is hardly the right game for a big marketing campaign anyways. It doesn’t have impressive scenery and action to atract attention in an advert for example. Nevertheless, for an indie game, overfall already has a very impressive community.

Yes, Rising Thunder. The alpha was stopped when Riot bought Radiant. Pretty sure. Here is their post.

It does however mention a different new game, so it could be that that they are working on.

While it is true that Tony and Tom haven’t been streaming recently, i doubt they aren’t contributing to the development of SH.

Riot might seem like a big company, and it probably is, but they only have one game in their arsenal, L.O.L

StoneHearth offers immense potential for competitive(or rather, tactical) multiplayer, and i don’t think they don’t have that in mind, so i doubt they want to lose on a chance to try a different typr of game(and also one way i hope Riot doesn’t screw up StoneHearth)

I’d expect Tom and Tony to still be quite busy after the acquisition, so i’m not sertain, but optimistic on that they are still working on the game themselvs, even if that is a little less than it use to,(and also, we can’t confirm if @Allie is capable of animating, which is a big part of the modelers job in SH)

But i’m no expert, so don’t take my words as facts

Considering riot games have about 30 million players if not more playing Leauge of legends, putting an ad for it during a tournament stream once completed or giving it a small add somewhere on their own site would not cost them much.
However I don’t know how much that would really benefit them economically.
The internet makes advertising kind of easy.

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Well, they probably already advetise it. Although i don’t think that thebtypical lol player is into stonehearth… and that’s the issue. Finding chanels with bandwidth and a possibility to reach the right consumer isn’t an easy task.

They’re both still involved.
But as you might expect, they do have lots of stuff on their respective plates… that’s why their streaming presence has waned.