Appeal for sweet potato

somehow the appeal for fully grown sweet potatoes is -2,… while their sprouts give about +2

why does a potatoe give negative appeal? isnt it a normal plant?

The tumbleweed also has a -2 appeal.

What concerns me more is, that the banner of vitality, which makes hearthlings like plants more, just does a “times two” to all the plants. That means that all these become a -4.

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nope they dont… at least it doesnt “SHOW” a -4

however for the tumbleweed it would make sense… considering its just a bunch of…well dust, sticks, and all manner of plant matter… it really isnt a “plant” plant

Makes total sense to me. . . . If you are surrounded by a ton of plants that are instantly more beautiful, wouldn’t the ugly looking plants look so much uglier in comparison? :laughing: :wink:

While it does make sense from that standpoint, it has a huge negative effect if you wanted, say, a large fibre “garden” (as opposed to a farmer’s farmplots… usually because there’s no carpenter.) It’s possible to counteract this by growing other plants together with the unappealing plants, or just adding decorations to boost the area’s appeal; but that means extra effort to prevent an effective debuff to happiness (which can easily affect your whole town, given that everyone helps out with hauling the fibre.)

Given that manually harvesting plants is already far inferior to farming, this feels like an extra punishment even though the clearly preferred alternative isn’t available for some time. Giving these plants an appeal of 0 means they’re not boosting the area’s appeal, but they’re also not turning a “necessary evil” of a fibre garden or sweet potato garden into a morale-sinking gulag.

meh… as someone who likes to build small and cozy homes anyways i always pick the … ehrm hearth of stone or what ever its called that removes the dumb cramped environment mechanic

The mining one that is supposed to be a fighting one - shrug–it never made sense to me. But yes the cramped system could do with a tweak