Any Traits List (Positve & Negative)?

Does anyone or some websites have a list of hearthlings’ traits and their positive and negative effects?

:smile: Please & Thank you!

This would be a great addition to the wiki, which I believe hasn’t been updated for a while.

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We have a wiki? When did this happen?


Quite a while ago! But if a Wiki is created and no-one is there to use it, has the Wiki been created? (What)


We need a Wiki on what makes a Wiki a Wiki. :grin:

It’s here. It’s been around for a while, and it’s more updated in some spots than I remember. That said, the last change made to it was back in March when someone changed Goblin flavor text to Russian and it was then changed back by @jomaxro, who seems to be the only person working on it. (For what it’s worth, I added the altZ UI hiding shortcut to the controls page when I realized you couldn’t find it on any internet search.)

The Controls page shows the main UI, which is current as of Alpha 10.5 (also showing the UI from Alpha 6 still, for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:.) The decorations and furniture pages are both as of Alpha 14, which makes them notably outdated - I’m pretty sure the fire pit can actually be crafted now.

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Yeah - we have a wiki. The problem with the wiki is that we don’t have a dedicated maintainer, and at the rate Stonehearth updates things get out of date pretty quickly. I did a bit content push a year or so ago - but I don’t have the time to do another. The good thing about a wiki is anyone can edit it. So if you notice something is missing (like traits), go ahead, make an account, and make a new page. Even if you don’t know all the traits, or all the details, it’s a start. Others can add to it, and soon we have a complete page.

Once Stonehearth leaves alpha, I will dedicate time to getting the wiki up to date. Until then - I don’t have the time to spend getting it up to date, only to have it be out of date again 3 weeks later.


Well, I’ve just gone and updated the controls page. Added in the new cam controls, some missing shortcuts, a warning about Speed 3, Uploaded a new picture, and added a section on Key Rebinding. I wasn’t sure if Rebinding should get it’s own page or not, so I just put it there.


Looks good to me. I just “patrolled” your edits.

I’d say rebinding keys can stay where it is for now. Depending on how complicated the UI is (when added) - we can see whether splitting it out makes sense.

I’ve revised the Traits page, transforming it into a table. Anyone with the knowledge about how ??? traits work feel free to edit the last column (Details).