Amazingly Inspiring Video

This youtube video made for Youtube’s Geek Week has touched my heart and I have it.

This is video is heartwarming, I cried after watching this because it brought up so many good memories and the times I had with my old friendswhen playing Starcraft or Halo or whatever we were playing. It shows how much 1 gamecan make a difference in a person’s life.

Check it out and share this with people.


I did the exact same, man. The memories…

So many feels. So many feels.

i was expecting something else, but that was genuinely heartwarming… :+1:

I wish I actually had some friends in real life who I could play games with.

Or just some friends at all, that’d be nice too.


Well I guess you’ll have to deal with us the! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But all of you smell funny 3:


dont blame me… @Geoffers747 revoked my bathing privileges…


And I don’t think anyone else had bathing / showering priveliges to begin with!

I remember sharing late nights with my dad, just playing Diablo 2. Anybody got any memories they want to share?

When I was around 8 or 9, I had this really old Macintosh with a game called “Decent,” and I would watch my dad play it for hours. It was just incredible at the time. Flying through a space station shooting little ships… good memories.

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It would be funny if you were only 10 now… you know, if your Dad played Decent just last year? Ahhhh…

I used to play SimCity 4 Rush Hour with my uncle for years. I was able to keep quite the budget at only 4 or 5 years old. Then I found out you could hack the money to raise into the billions with Cheat Engine! I still use that to get overloaded magazines in Battlefield 3…

Great Vid so many memories

This is an awesome video. Thanks for posting. So many good vids on youtube get lost on that terrible new home page.

This one is almost twice as inspiring:

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Err I suppose? I don’t know, the games that I find inspiring are games like TF2. I jump on my Teamspeak Server head into TF2 with some buds and have a damn nice time. Yeah it gets frustrating but there’s just something magical about that one perfect Sandman stun into a Force of Nature kill that is just irreplaceable. I can definitely see how gaming has made a huge positive impact even with all those politicians claiming it’s just making young people violent. (Studies have proven no correlation anyway)

Glad to be a part of this community :smiley:

Maybe someone would like to frag in TF2 sometime?

Ya I had years of good memories with WoW, both with my brother, college roommates, and other random people.

What I look forward to is all the decades of games (and forums, as I’ve found out) of game projects like Stonehearth and others that lay ahead of us too. It’ll be 2030 and someone will go “Oh you were in the modding/forum/beta of [Insert favorite game] back in 2013, me too!”

I would be glad to meet up in TF2. Sounds like a lot of awesome!

My belief is that video games help to decrease violence, because people who have them have a form of stress relief and escape from reality. Without video games, we would have a completely different situation on our hands. Video games also provide companionship for the neglected.

The only real solution that we have, though, for eliminating violence would be to entirely remove all of the mentally deficient sociopaths from the human race as a whole.

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