Always looking for critic/suggestions

currently doin deserty-stuff…so if someone has ideas or something to improve… go ahead


While it’s clearly identifiable as a tent I wouldn’t exactly call it beautiful. I’d probably try to keep every angle to 45 degrees in order to get slightly more readable lines and shapes. Stuff like that works better on a bigger scale where you can use more blocks for macro detail. Other than that, maybe some horizontal lines with the paint tool would help a bit to make out the form more easily. Edit: On second thought, maybe not, since the red lines from the entrance take up a lot of space already.

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yeah blame the new building editor for that… diagonal connection doesnt verify as connection anymore, which makes it UNGODLY hard to do diagonal builds

True, though I was thinking of something more along the line of this.

Not looking half as good as I imagined :sweat_smile:. That being said, diagonal lines should be possible if you do the basic shapes first and build the rest upon that or just paint the lines. Free hanging diagonal ropes seem indeed impossible, admittedly, but I’ve never been a fan of blocks as rope anyway so I might not be the person to ask (didn’t notice the intricacies at first, sorry).
Edit: Letters.


I feel like it’s a bit dark. Brightening it up the color choices might make it more readable - and perhaps “rope” that’s lighter and less yellow?

thats the problem, thats not a tent, thats a pyramid… i was trying to go for something more organic, which was possible with the “old” editor… not so with the aphla new one

thats not half bad really. could even dig into the floor a bit and you might even be able to fit a bed in there…

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Which is probably what a tent in a voxel world just looks like apart from the gable-roof-without-foundation-tent. Not arguing against you liking organic shapes, though, I can totally relate.

Slightly unrelated: I probably don’t like blocks as ropes because within Stonehearth there already are ingame examples of more sophisticated objects if you look at furniture for example. I’d probably try my luck at modding in drapery and ropes as separate objects if I ever wanted to build that kinda stuff.


there IS place for a bed, a few storage pots, a few lights AND an additional carpet