[Alpha 16][dev-2924] Memory Leaking in Building

Failing to generate roof of structure results in memory being allocated then never deleted?
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make some structure that for some reason cannot have a roof with its wall set up, either due to shape or size not exactly sure
  2. Try to auto-generate the roof with the roofing tool
  3. The game will freeze/slow down for a bit, if you check the memory Stonehearth.exe is using it’ll spike up suddenly
  4. When you move your mouse cursor off the wall to stop the roof generation process the spike in memory usage doesn’t go back down to former levels.
    Expected Results:
    Memory to be allocated when trying to generate a roof and deallocated upon completion or failing.
    Actual Results:
    Memory is allocated when trying to generate the roof and never deallocated until the closing of the game
    Have gotten up to 18gb of RAM used just by Stonehearth.exe alone(on my desktop), if this isn’t what’s leaking memory then something else must be somewhere.

Memory being used 30 secs after loading the save and trying to roof my structure

structure I’m trying to add a roof to.
new avalon castle.zip (129.6 KB)
Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 16 develop-2924
System Information:
Windows 7 64-bit