Alpha 14 Unable to place herbalist lab

Worker will not place the herbalist lab either from the furniture placement icon or actually selecting the lab and placing it

atm I can’t reliability reproduce it, seems like it doesn’t work indoors, but somehow still work in another building.

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Thanks for the report @Houten. If you can determine “reliable” reproduction steps, they would of course be appreciated. I will do some testing on my own when I get home from work.

What I can tell now is that the table have trouble being placed when you want to have it against the wall of a stucture, but will not have issue if you place it in open field or say in the middle of the room.

OK. That is likely an adjacency region issue then. @yshan or @tom should be able to adjust that easily.

I have fixed it. Wait for next unstable release and it should be good (although you need to make a new workbench. Existing ones will still be busted).