Advice / issue solving needed

In the past, yes. But now if you unzip the stonehearth.smod you’ll see that inside it’s the folder, not the contents =(

Well, now it works perfectly :smile:

Just a minor issue, the shelf is not touching the wall, and the purple box seems to be the cause of it :confused:

But I’ve never seen that box before, so I don’t know where is it coming from. I also had lots of problems to place an item touching the wall on the exact point… Sometimes it’s tricky.

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Will look into the purple box, or just move the shelf back slightly, if that would work :stuck_out_tongue:

The positioning issue, it seems to be, what I noticed anyway, is that the mouse isn’t over the shelf, instead it is off to the left for me. Maybe that is what is causing it to be difficult to position.


If it’s off, that probably has to do with the model / region origins.

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