Administrative Role Quartermaster

So you put down a building, complete with the stuff to put into it, however you need to then go to each workshop and put a job order in to make the item.

What if there was a class that was in charge of this, a bureaucratic sort of job that managed the construction of goods. This class would be in charge of keeping a list of what needed to be made, what needs to be made in order to make it, and then taking job lists to the relevant workshops. This way when you start the town you still need to do all this manually, but as you amass more and more citizens, this job could be passed on to one of those citizens. They could also be in charge of keeping track of inventory and making sure that there is a minimum number of certain goods (currently done by the workshops themselves).

This could all be done by just having the game itself manage the job lists, and assigning jobs when other jobs require goods. However I think it would be pretty cool if it could be a class, making it a bit more realistic and making it more of an extravagance. Not something you have to do, but as the town gets bigger, something that becomes increasingly more useful.


Moved you other here @osyrus - have a quick browse of the thread I’m sure you’ll find some interesting stuff!

As settlements get larger it does feel like we’ll need some sort of UI based solution, perhaps unlocked by such a class, that enables us to manage our workers at a more macro level.

For me I would love a ‘Stockpile Distribution Laborer’ class. So they will take the Settlement Inventory and (auto) re-distribute the materials to any Stockpile zone.

This way when we build away from the main City hub, We can make stockpiles near the new project area and the ‘Stockpile Distribution Force’ will auto fill those new stockpiles and balance everything out.

Ex. New project in the northern section! Needs a new ?ore? stockpile for the additional blacksmith I want to set up (so they don’t need to walk a ‘Country mile’ every time it needs a new ore to smelt). The stockpile laborer will start taking from the main ore stockpile and (has 3 extra inventory spaces - pockets- for class perk) and fill up the new stockpile till either both wood stockpiles are even or (pending on size) the new stockpile is full.

Every load redistributed will increase Laborers ‘xp’
(could also be used for workers minus the extra pockets - every project completed instead of every load)
lv 1 10% speed increase
lv 2 10% health
lv 3 5% additional speed increase
lv 4 10% additional health
lv 5 receives 1 extra pocket space - (worker +1Spirit)
lv 6 Receives 1 additional pocket space (for a total of 5 pocket spaces).- (worker +1 body)

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Ah, awesome, others had thought of this as well, fantastic. Good to know I wasn’t just making stuff up.

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