Action Hud collides with Terrain Hud

I don’t Know if this is a bug or a resolution Problem, but the action hud colides with the terrain hud, and unfortune i can’t use the terrain buttons. I know is a dead game and i really doubt that people will answer this question, but i will be very kindly if someone help me.
Steps to reproduce:
Only starts a new game and already happens

Version Number and Mods in use:
The mos recent version of the game with the Ace Mod, also, i only use the Ace mod actually
System Information:
GTX 3060, 16GB Ram, Intel Core I7 and etc.

I found out what it was, was it the Portuguese translation that I had downloaded?

Anyway, it apparently resolved.

Qual mod de tradução é esse? O que eu tenho no Steam não tem “mapas térmicos” escrito ali.