ACE Tuesday #02 "The Lore Team"

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We’re back today with our second installment of the ACE Tuesday, bringing some insight into a not very palpable but yet very important aspect of the game: the lore!

Today’s episode is presented by TheDarthDucan (check out his youtube channel!) our current lore lead (we already deposed 6 others from that role) (I jest, of course) that will tell you a bit about what is the Lore Team’s job, what are their current focus and the challenges of writing lore into an interesting and sometimes dark world yet very gentle and subtle! Among other things… coughs

So, without further ado… Here it is!

Transcription from the video:

Hello everyone! My name is Duncan and welcome to Ace Tuesday episode… whatever! Honestly, I don’t know which episode this will be, or when it will be released, that’s all up to Dani. If you really want to know which episode this is, look at the title of this video! It’s probably in there somewhere, and if not… then Dani and I need to have some talks. (Editor’s note: I’M READING THIS, DUNCAN!)

  • Anyways, as I said, welcome to Ace Tuesday! Today, hosted by me, Duncan! Now, some of you may know me from my own Youtube channel known as TheDarthDuncan where I play several games, including StoneHearth, but that’s not who I’m known as in Ace. Here, I am known as Lead Lore, which means that I am the leader of the lore team.

  • Now, the lore team is, as the name most likely already implies, the team that goes over the lore of the game. This includes about anything you see written, ranging from simple flavour text on a wooden chair, to a deep and overarching story hidden within the different campaigns the player can explore. Our job is to bring life to the game, give it a history, give it meaning and not just a sandbox game in which you randomly build.

  • With this, our most difficult task is most likely to keep it all true to Stonehearth. With this I do not mean true to Stonehearth’s own lore, but true to what Stonehearth feels like. Keeping true to Stonehearth’s own lore is rather simple. Radiant was kind enough to supply us with a lengthy and in-depth document regarding the lore of the game. This document describes the current state of the world, where the different races come from, and what is happening.

  • An example of this would be that the world of Stonehearth as we know it, exists out of Eons. An eon being a rather long period of time. I know them better as Eras, but Radiant chose the name Eon instead, so let’s stick with that. Throughout this world, several eons have already passed. Within an eon, one of the animal gods of the worlds would ascend into sentiency. The previous eon was the eon of the rabbit, and surprisingly the current eon is the eon of the snake, which explains why there are so many goblins, orcs and kobolds. So, then why are there humans? Simply put, the monkey god created humanoids. This includes the humans, elves and dwarves, but this isn’t the eon of the monkey, this is still the eon of the snake.

  • Now, why is this so important? In one of our very first drafts for the dwarves, we came up with the idea that the dwarves are the children of another god. The mole god to be precise. They would be the oldest race of Stonehearth, having existed even before the rabbits. Now, with this information from Radiant, it is clear that that isn’t the case, so we had to scrap that idea and work with something entirely new. What that will be is something to be discussed in another episode. It’s not a difficult process, but one we keep a close eye on. The other point, the one regarding the feel of Stonehearth, is a bit more tricky. What we learned from the game by playing it, is that Stonehearth tells a rather deep and surprisingly dark story, but presented very kindly and funny.

  • This can be very easily seen by just looking at the different characters within the game. Ogo Skullbonker for example, a very intimidating character with a lust for blood, but due to the way he talks it’s rather hilarious to encounter him. Or Clan Amberstone, survivors of an event that nearly brought their race to extinction, being the few survivors of a horrible event, but their appearance and manners being adorable. This way of presenting the story is something we try to keep true to as much as possible. Trying to tell a serious story, through a lightweight presentation.

  • My personal favourite example of how we’re planning on doing this would be a character from the Order of Applied Equivocation campaign. This character, known as Jacob the Mad, is a pirate leader. Allow me to quote a small bit of dialogue from the campaign that we are working on to shed a bit more light onto this character.

    Dialogue 59
    [Okay… So why are you here?]
    [Jacob the Mad]
    “Well, to plunder, raid and pillage of course! But… not with you. I like you! I think… Or is this hatred? Maybe it’s love… Am I in love with you? No, that can’t be. Mama always told me you shouldn’t trust a woman you just met. But are you a woman? I can’t tell. Anyways! Because of this… hatred, love, liking? What was it again… Doesn’t matter! Because of that, let’s work together! How about that?”
    [What do you mean, work together?]

  • This character, tells about how he normally plunders, raids and pillages. Basically going from town to town and spreading terror. This all whilst his personality is rather… funny. He’s got the mind of a child and constantly confuses himself. We have more characters, created with this idea. The idea of a serious story, but a lightweight approach to it. And each of these characters will be discussed in more detail in future ACE Tuesday episodes!

  • Right, so now that you know who we are, and what we do, you don’t quite know what it is we’re working on. Of course, each of these topics will most likely be addressed in further detail in future ACE Tuesday episodes, but let’s just make a small list so people can see what they can expect.
    Currently, a few of our biggest tasks are the Pirates, Ninjas and Politicians, also known as the Order of Applied Equivolation, and the Dwarves and their quests. We’re also working on Alternate Planes, more races the player can encounter similar to Clan Amberstone, and more elementals. Each of these tasks are divided into the team, with each member working very hard on it to create a high quality product for you to enjoy.

  • Hopefully, this episode would have given you a bit of insight into the Lore team and what we do! If you have questions, we have this lovely comment section you can write in, and as per usual I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you next time, bye!


Seems like we don’t have to have some talks :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks again for these. It’s a nice surprise every tuesday!.. which means it shouldn’t be a surprise. But anyway.



That lore document from radiant sounds like it’d be an interesting read. Where can I find it?

Here you go: Stonehearth Lore Timeline


So this is that mysterious document that was meticulously kept from us. Interesting

hmm… speaking as a player the computer simulation aspect only appeals to me as a humorous joke for the modder instructional pages. I mean, you could say it’s cannon, and even put in little quirky references, but you couldn’t do much with it story-wise and still have it make sense. I mean they can discover they’re a simulation on a computer, but they can’t escape it… not unless defeating all the titans magically gives them the power to escape the confines of the machine. It’s one thing to rebel against the gods who toy with you, and another to be told: yeah you’re a computer program. it feels like it would undercut the theme of the game and everything the hearthlings worked for.

I’d also vote that the number of titans be not 20 but “some reasonably sized number that we can make interesting.” I mean, the end goal of either this or a sequel would be either “I gain the magical power to summon some number of titans to do my bidding,” or “I fight against any/all of the titans.” …or both. One of the things that absolutely blew me away was the final fight in the game. it was so phenomenally innovative and different. Yeah I vote both. Fight them to gain the ability to summon them on future embarks… which will lead to a random battle against a different member of the ~14 fiends.

As far as the six gods? well, we know that the document isn’t 100% up to date with the game, so what animals do we see in the assets of the game?

Rabbit, Deer, and Wolf all get statues from the NA.
Monkey shows up in Rayya’s Children, but one of the hearths also spawns a magical gold ghost kitten (I think it was cheer.) That could probably be representative of Tiger as his power is waxing.
The poyo shows up on the fountain of plenty. (I realize this could be Turkey, but I find the thought of Poyo people to be hillarious.)
That’s already six and the game makes a direct reference to Snake too. So that’s seven, but then there would be seven with monkey since Monkey’s a liar and not in on the deal. So Rabbit -> Snake ->(Monkey) -> Tiger -> Deer -> Wolf -> Poyo?

(I got the impression Goblins were snake’s children, but I may have misread that. I’ll have to go reread the quest. Also. “Job-Growth Opportunities.” If you want humor look no further than a goblin middle management character. I really want to see that.)

As far as the dwarves go… I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t be mole people. We already have an Octopus Fiend, and Monkey isn’t one of the Six gods. That means Monkey has to be a fiend who wasn’t happy with the bargain the other six animal gods made. I’d argue that Mole got ideas. He might even still be corrupt. Maybe the dwarves are evil/darkish? It would be an interesting take on dwarves at least and make me care about them. (I was never a fan of the dwarf goal in the kickstarter. Dwarves didn’t feel like they fit the world. Warlike bearded Mole people do.) This is a cyclic pattern. who’s to say that this loop hasn’t happened a dozen times? Rabbit’s people might be the first in the loop and therefore are “oldest” but who’s to say there aren’t remnants and pockets of Poyos (I smile every time I think about chicken people) and Deer (I’d totally buy deerkin as being elves.) out there hiding underground or even in alternate planes where amberstone is plentiful?

The lore doc talks about the endgame for the stonehearth universe. I see those as the bad “kill your god. humans are screwed” and bittersweet/good endings “kill all the other gods. all the other sentient species are eventually screwed.” I’ve got a gold ending in my head of working together with your new friends the orcs and rabbits, you manage to find/develop sources of amberstone, and in the process try to befriend the other species and end the cycles by sharing the world…and beating down/enslaving any titan who objects. When I finally finished the game and had seen all the story this is exactly where my brain went. That sequels/expansions could cover the unfolding eons where humans have to depend on amberstone along with the rabbits, they discover more resources on alternate planes and have to make decisions about whether or not to befriend the next species to come along and save them when their eon is done as well.

The lore doc is interesting and useful, but it’s also self contradictory and not up to date. I don’t see any reason to slavishly hold to details that wouldn’t help improve the game or the story just because they’re in the Lore doc. So much of all of this is beyond the scope of ACE. But I’m very aware that world building rarely ever shows everything that’s there in the final product. But those are my thoughts on it at least for what it’s worth.

I totally vote for mole dwarves.

I’v been reading lore, and maybe I missed this.
Though necromancy in the games world doesn’t see much light.

It is said in game a chieftain recently delved into the dark arts not specifying what type…
Though in a way that means the knowledge of the existence of necromancy existed for some time.

We see 4 types of enemies from this hostile but neutral faction.
(human?) Skeletons
(human?) Zombies
(Giants?) variants
(Unknown, human in stature) Cultist / Wraith / Necromancer?

Does it mean necromancy only affects creatures of the monkey god?
Is it one of his attempts to usurp the other gods?
Is it one of the others gods or a new god who intended to create a new species from the monkey gods creation.
Or is there another god who has the same plan as the monkey god, having his race survive indefinably?

If anyone knows let me know. I could have missed something.

There are skeleton wolves :smiley:

For as far as I am aware, there isn’t much lore on them, though I could look deeper into it, or even make it if need be, as being the ‘official ACE lore’ or something

For as far as I am aware, there isn’t much lore on them

This is when you need to perform an @sdee summoning ritual, which usually involves wombats and miniature cookies.


I have no clue what wombats are, but I am Dutch and have this glorious thing called “Stroopwafels”. I’m willing to exchange those for information :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: These are stroopwafels

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