[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

i had a feeling it was better storage as there hasnt been a post from her since last dec :frowning:
oo okay ill have to keep an eye out, i have fisher and the traps and havent gotten any yet :open_mouth:

The only way I could get some was via trading. Dunno if we can produce it ourself, couldn’t figure how.

Fish roe and caviar can be obtained through the trapper’s fish traps when it catches large fish. Just be patient and set a lot of them out to increase the chances.

Ho thank you, didn’t know it.
Laid a few of them on water surface a long time ago. I have an animation of a caught fish but can’t figure what to do with them, nothing happens and I can’t even interact (harvest, unplace, capture fish). Maybe I should have placed next to the shore?

Put them as close to the water’s edge as possible. For the ones you can’t reach, drop a ladder in the water and they’ll get collected.

Will try it tonight. thank you. :merry:

You’re very welcome. Have fun.

dont know how valid this suggestion could be, but is it possible to add a feture to “lock” an item being used by hearthlings, for example they are eating all the caviar before i get to use it for fertalizer etc so if you go to the town menu and somehow lock it from them using it? Probably a silly idea XD

Not so lilly because I often have the same problem seeing some “rare” items (especially some types of herbs) being used by a crafter to the detriment of another one who needs this precise ingredient. :glum:

From what I understand, that’s not supposed to happen unless there’s no alternative item that the crafter could use in place of the rare item – i.e. they’re supposed to prioritise using common stuff for the “generic” ingredients in a recipe.

A few things that might mess with that:

  • not having the common materials accessible/available at the time that the recipe is called to be made. E.g. if you’ve just bulk-batched a recipe and used all your available common ingredients, and then you realise you need a couple more of that recipe made, but you haven’t had a chance to re-stock the common ingredients by the time you get through the crafting queue and so the only ingredient available is the rare one.
  • common ingredients are ignored because they’re really far away while the rare/high-qual ones are close by. This shouldn’t happen, but I don’t know what the weighting for the system is like re: proximity vs how strictly it follows the preferences. Also related to the next one:
  • if the game is running into memory issues, it may not have enough time/memory space to find the common ingredient. If you’re storing the rarer ones in the workshop, they’ll be the first thing that the game finds (it starts at the position of the crafter and expands out looking for the required resources), and if that search “times out” before it reaches the common ingredients (which is more likely if your computer is already under strain) then it will just go with what it’s found already.

The solution to the last two is to use input bins, the solution to the first one is to make sure you’ve got the required ingredients in storage before you order the crafting to happen (and if you have multiple uses for those common ingredients, make sure your stockpiles can keep up with all the demand.)

But there’s probably also some tweaks still to be done to make sure the systems all play nicely together… this is, after all, an alpha/pre-release process for ACE.

hey, I wanted to tell you about a bug like thing in ACE that I have. the bug is that when I order any weaver items the weaver will always craft new of all the resources required even though i have all the resource required and will try to craft the wool twine to craft those resources.

P.S. thank you for all of your hard work.

I just found some other things as well. one the Ascendancy market stalls sprite in the crafting and placing menus are still blue but when its placed its green. and other crafters( like the blacksmith) will also make new refined resources as well.

I think it is a very bad enemy spawn methods…

i do not think it is caused by ace because I have had the samething happen without the mod

yeah thats the base game unfortunatelly. its also a downside of no one being able to climb or jump down things…

How about converting the sappers into an NPC class which can build ladders?

I had that issue, too. Go into your settings under Gameplay and uncheck the “Auto-craft Recipe Dependencies” box. You’ll have to manually craft everything or keep it on auto-restock, but it’ll stop that recurring ball of yarn.

Ok thanks

I don’t know why they not put it…Is it a bug?

might be an odd question but DO YOU STILL HAVE IT?
not accidentally sold it or used it in a building?