[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

You just said that xD

As for LostEms, for sanity reasons, ACE doesn’t do mod compatibility on its end. LostEms author has to do it (in this case, @Pawel_Malecki)

(There are mixins you can use, Pawel)

Yeah, well, there may be mixins, the problem is if you want the mod not to require ACE you need to hack your way around it by making your mod’s own mixins and mix ACE mixins into them with your mod’s manifest. Adding ACE mixin aliases directly in JSON mixin list errors out if ACE is not loaded (that extends to any mod, missing mixins cause errors).

They don’t have a "type": "mixin" though so you can just manifest-mix them into your doors :slight_smile:

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Oh, good. But you still haven’t added a sunstroke resistance mixin for custom job hats I asked for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll do it :joy:

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“Fiiiiiine, I’ll give you compatability to play around with [feature] if you fix your doors to work with ACE!”

And this is how large community-driven modding works behind the scenes, folks!

(for real though, it’s awesome to see all the co-operation between mod authors to make sure everyone’s mods play nicely together. You’re all doing great work! Now, if only there were enough hours in the day for Glassworks to get some attention and ACE compatability too… :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Heeeey, took me two years but I did update Trapper+, ok?!

Check back in 2022 and I promise Glassworks will be ACE compatible :heart:

(just kidding, I’ll get to it eventually.

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@YetiChow that’s kinda obvious it works that way, modding is frustrating at times so we must keep together like Freemasonry or something (Opus Dani perhaps?).


:rofl: :sweat_smile:

When is the next update coming? (i probably dont get certain answer :glum:)

When it’s ready :merry:

Could there be reservation option to chairs, food and rooms? Because i somehow want to stop my workers sitting on comfy arch chair and eating food meant for my lord.Also (this will be difficult to make :glum:) could cook serve food and drinks to hearthlings because it would be more realistic that in bars and inns the hearthling would come to counter and cook would give them food/drinks. This is partialy implemented trough serving kegs but you still cant ‘’ serve ‘’ food to them and even tough it would be cool if the cook could do it :merry:

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Not sure if this will solve the problem for ya, but try Entity Blocker Zones

Adds a new type of zone that blocks your hearthlings from entering unless they are assigned ownership of it. This can be used to restrict tasks to specific hearthlings.

Possible uses include:
-Assign hearthlings different mining zones.
-Send a hearthling far away to chop down trees, load the wood into a crate, and then carry it back.
-Assign hearthlings separate eating areas.
-Control what food/beverages hearthlings have access to.

Known Limitations:
-If a crafter cannot access their workbench, they will not move on to items that do not require it. This happens even in vanilla if you lock the workbench behind a door.
-The ownable_object component is overridden for now because I don’t think any other mods change it, and I don’t feel like reworking game systems that radiant will probably update themselves at some point.

Awesome. It didnt exactly add cook serving food but the limitations are awesome. Thanks

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The cook serving food and such is something that is definitely not coming to ACE but I do have plans for a personal mod with some features like that :slight_smile:


I surely download that mod after it comes out :jubilant:.

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I agree with you!

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Are there going to be added new drinks?

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Yes, there will.

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