ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


If you need my hands to do some work, I guess I’m good at modeling foliage, building templates… might be capable of some lore or concept art. All my usual art turns out to be dark or creepy, so I’m a little hesitant :sweat_smile:


Something I just thought of - translations. If this is going to get an official endorsement, we probably want it in as many languages as possible.

Based on your previous mods, it looks like you’ll be able to cover the pt-BR translation.

I know @Wiese2007 has done an excellent job at providing German translations for major mods, and @dalabo has done an excellent job providing traditional Chinese mod translations. If they’re up for working at all on this, it could help a lot. I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask :merry:

If anybody on the team for this knows another language, of course, you can get another translation even easier. Beyond that, I’d suggest putting out a call for translations near the end.

I, unfortunately, can not help with this, unless you want the world’s worst Spanish translation, or for me to dig up ye olde Pirate English (en-ARR) translation :stuck_out_tongue:


this is actually a great idea


Coder. Will volunteer for any scripting tasks required by the community effort.


Yes, I can help with Traditional Chinese translation.

@DaniAngione, if you need me, I will be there. :merry:

@Iviaca and @law may help with Simplified Chinese translation.


I’d really like to see “Idle Activities” added to the list of added features. This was talked about a lot but it seems like it isn’t going to be a thing :frowning:



Willing to volunteer for anything tbh! Especially the nitty gritty work (i.e. debugging)! But also willing to chip in wherever needed


I’ll add this to our current Suggestion Docs right now :smile: good suggestion!


Feel free to also flesh it out a bit:
What kind of Idle activities - what would you like to see? :slight_smile:

I suppose Snorr will also PM you all with invites to the Discord, so welcome :smiley:


I could flesh it out a bit and start thinking of some activities?


Already did boss :wink:


That sounds amazing, I’ll keep a close eye!


If you add the suggestion to the doc, I’ll write down some activities I can think of they could do


Uhhhhh IDK if I accidentally did something h my mod powers since I’m on my phone :sweat_smile: Sorry if I did…

@DaniAngione I had a few. Simple things like going and smelling flowers, “window shopping” market stalls, or admiring trophies are q few that come to mind at the moment


Great stuff :slight_smile: I like it!

In other unrelated news…
Updated the thread with:

  • List of Volunteers
  • Official Discord link. Feel free to join, everyone!


Adding them to the suggestion doc~


If the extension mods of official content is to come out, of course I’ll be more than willing to localize it into simplified Chinese characters.
:merry: Btw, I can’t wait to see those cut features be fullfilled. You guys are super awesome!

And thanks for mention me @dalabo w


I’ll volunteer for helping with lore! I have no coding flair but I’m proficient enough in creative writing. I have lots of ideas about how the rise and fall of the Phoenix Empire can be fleshed out and used for exciting quest lines and objects to enhance gameplay direction. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Teddy! We’re glad to have you!
Just click the Discord link and we’ll see you there.


They’re actually already there :smiley:

Twice :smiley:

(they joined with two accounts)