ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project

We do have an ace in the whole though: the Internet usually frowns on bothering modders. Especially those doing good work. Expect a ghost army if someone tries :wink:


Is this the humor I heard of? :smiley:

Well, tbh for me the active ACE-Community is reward enough. I don’t need no eagles to save me or any lembas to keep my energy up high.
I will continue counting my personal experiences during battle as long as there is someone who counts with me


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Edit: speaking of axes. I should volunteer my axes and chainmail from my nordlings to the dwarves. They might be able to use them


You’re completely right, and I can assure you that us in the org have carefully thought this whole scenario through to make sure it goes the way we want it, and I want to make sure that everyone knows that we’re prepared.


Here’s the thing though. ACE is a mod. A wrapper of sorts, to allow for community-driven core game improvement, on top of which other modders can continue building their own mods. ACE is not a one-and-done project to which we should pin all our hopes and dreams. Rather, it’s a volunteer corps of engineers assembled to keep the dream alive. To devote time and energy to problems where the dev team never could.

ACE will and should be an iterative, ever-changing and organic project with many small releases over time, with a tight scope on core game refinement.

In that way, I think our biggest nemesis here will be feature creep and over-assimilation. It will be important to maintain discipline and focus on what ACE is, but more importantly, what it isn’t.

We want ACE to be the wrapper that all other modders WANT to use as a dependency. If we fold in too many non-core features and functionalities from other mods (our build them ourselves), they may conflict with their mod’s desired features and functionality and cause the dev more work instead of less.

So it’s going to be a delicate balance between introducing sought-after functionality, bug fixes and improvements but do so in a way that doesn’t lock other modders down unnecessarily.


first ACE Tuesday ACE Tuesday #01 "Foundation" real good stuff


@DaniAngione Id like to join on Map making generator editing !!! if needed and id love to learn everything else


This (and the rest of your post) is 100% accurate and I agree whole-heartedly. My perspective here is simply that I know this because I’ve been following the project; but many players will hear about ACE and just assume it’s a magic bullet solution. It’s an unfortunate trend that the success of some open-source/community driven projects has created a mythology around the concept, the same way that Kickstarter/Early Access, indie vs AAA development models, and other such abstract subjects have developed their own mythologies.

Those mythologies breed misconceptions, which is why I make the point about keeping the community looped into the development process. The ATs are an amazing tool for that, and @DaniAngione’s explanation notes in the first AT do a great job of laying out ACE’s goals. :merry: Hopefully that message spreads quickly enough to out-pace the, uh, “creative interpretations” of ACE’s mission which are starting to pop up in places like the Steam Community.

I love the optimism around ACE and I can’t wait to see the heights that it pushes the project to, because I think we’re right to be optimistic about Stonehearth’s future. I merely wanted to point out that the true challenges haven’t even been brought to light yet (e.g. feature creep as you mention, or long-term retention of community support when people start realising that ACE is at least as big as several alphas’ worth of content and will accordingly take time to get there.) Honestly I’m not really worried so much as I’m automatically pointing out potential pitfalls just so that we have the best chance to deal with them before we get to them :merry:


Preperation & planning is key indeed!


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You know what js is? You know what html is? AND you know what css is?

THEN WE NEED YOU! :smiley:

At the moment we search for an webdesigner which can help us with changing the UI :wink:

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If you could add a way to prioritize what work different hearthlings do, that would be amazing. Lets say you want a miner, but when there is nothing to mine you want him to do something else. The way you do this right now is that you tell the hearthling to never do anything else than mining. What I would like is that you can tell him to do mining whenever possible. Otherwise, do something else. Like you can in RimWorld, if you are familiar with that game. In any case, thank you for your effort in making this game much better!

I’m not going to say it’s impossible, but from what I’ve seen of the AI system, it would be a substantial undertaking.

You could try to dynamically change which ai packs / task groups are available to hearthlings based on whether they’re going idle (i.e., not able to perform their current priorities and seeking a lower priority task), which doesn’t sound great because you’d need to keep removing and then adding back in actions that have a higher default priority than actions that you deem to be higher priority.

You could override basically every action that falls into one of those prioritization buckets (mining, building, hauling) to include a check on the calling entity’s (i.e., the hearthling’s) priority settings and dynamically update the action’s priority accordingly. Any mods that added actions would also have to do this if they wanted their actions to be prioritized similarly.

Perhaps the best way would be to override the AI injector to allow you to easily remove and add the task groups you want and, when adding them, modify their priority settings by scaling them down and putting them in the appropriate “tiers” based on your settings for that hearthling. This doesn’t sound that bad to me, though it would also involve some UI work, and it would force tasks into those tiers that might currently be spread out a little more (and actions can still increase their own priority, potentially above the actions of a higher “tier”).

I doubt this will make it into ACE, but I imagine someone will at some point make a mod for it (and perhaps figure out a much better way of doing it than I could come up with).

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I don’t know if this applies here or not…but it seems like most of the big modders are on this thread so here’s a question. Since we know that sharing living space is a negative (even if it’s small!) to our hearthlings would it be possible to override that somehow? My thought, with having no idea how to properly mod Stonehearth, is to have an object that can be placed and operates similarly to a bed with regards to “ownership” of it. If you place this “family flag” or whatever in the world and then add people to it then they don’t suffer from the shared living space issue. Is that even a thing that would work?

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Good point, If you start this conversation on the Discord you might get more feedback :wink: