[A21, develop-3362, (x64)] Pathfinder Optimizations not applying to monsters

here is an example of the new pathfinder optimizations not applying to monsters.

1490108297868.zip (6.9 MB)


Thanks for reporting, @genboom! The savefile will be useful :slight_smile:


no problem, glad to help
hope this is resolved soon because it really kills game performance

I’m trying to use advanced tactics here by quickly building a moat and having my archers take care of the mob, I really wish there was not a 2 block height limit for movement though, it would make things a lot more interesting. I was unlucky up to this point that I didn’t find a hearthling with a good enough mind skill to use as a blacksmith so my equipment isn’t the best but I still think building stuff to make up for it is a valid gameplay option- if they had archers it would literally backfire on me anyway.