A web site for blocks and weapons

A web site for blocks and weapons where talented people can make weapons,People,clothes,Blocks, they can put what you need to make it o.It will help the dev whit the game

As much as i like the involvement of the community i think that letting models be made by outsiders would not be a good idea.

For those people they made it so easy to make a mod and inplant there own creation.
The concept you discripe looks a bit like how trove does it. Which gives an intresting result but not what the developers have in mind.


Agree with @Yangzhoui here, as much as i like the concept of fans contributing to the development directly, a website has not been the most promising way of doing it, mainly because of legal issues regarding the ownership of said content, because even if we put a ‘i agree to term’ thing, there are a lot of people that just try weird stuff for some reason

I would guess the best way is for creators to keep make content, and occasionally the devs may reach out for permission for using the content, and they settle the terms personally and not in bulk like a website would