A system where you receive and fulfil crafting requests

While merchants and opportunistic traders fill the economy adequately, there just isn’t any way where we can feel that our town’s specialisations and trading matter in the overall scene.

For instance, my town has a blacksmith, yet the only people coming to my town to trade are those annoying traders and the merchants and they only want hoes for curtains. After many in-game days, would it not make sense for my town to possibly become a weapons supplier for the global economy?

Surely the Ascendancy’s armies are always in need of good weapons and armour to aid the war effort? So I think it’d be really nice if there was a system where, if you traded enough goods of a particular type (in my case weapons), you’d have your faction itself come to you with offers for becoming one of their suppliers.

Perhaps every few days you’d receive a letter from the military or whatever big wig giving you a crafting order and a hefty reward for filling said order? In time, if you fill enough orders and have high enough item quality you could even receive a royal letter from the Queen requesting a legendary whatever from your town?

If we filled enough of these orders and contributed to our faction’s economy enough, then we could even be rewarded with events where we’re notified that the Ascendancy/Rayya’s Children have struck a great blow against the goblins due to our reliable supply.

Currently our town doesn’t feel like it affects the world very much, this would be one small way of making sure it does. It would also make crafting focused towns feel rewarding.

Now, I understand that actual content updates for Stonehearth aren’t going to be coming along, but perhaps this is something that could be implemented via modding?


Well, there is this ACE mod we are working on, which you could propose this idea to.

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Yes, the game vision is always outside to inside, the world affecting us.

Yes, the code is basically the same, just a few dialogues and then a trade with specific items.

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I see. So is this something realistic for a complete newb to modding?

Yes, the code is basically the same, just a few dialogues and then a trade with specific items.

As in, if I started learning modding from the official guide and had absolutely no knowledge of programming, would I be able to make this eventually?

Yes. Although I can’t find anything specific to campaigns in the guide, the knowledge you gather there would allow you to tackle that too.

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I’d personally love to see a feature where you would be getting merchants or requests from your previous towns. Just having their name plastered on the request would make it feel a nice.