[9.256x64] Error calendar_service AND attempt to index local 'alarm'



See steam-screenshots up there …

Could you elaborate a bit more, please?

When did those errors pop up? When loading a save, when the night changed to day…?

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Sorry, I totally forgot, it was too late.

This bug occours when I load a given savegame which is still on my machine.
When interested please contact me. :kissing:

Edit: 26.03.2015 - 12:36 UTC+1

I tested that savegame again.
I have the bug, that I can hover over everything and select everything.
It seems like the game thinks I pushed the left mouse button and kept it pressing with the addition, that I could select floors, walls too not only individuals or placebles (while not being in buildmode or any active mode!!)


This happens on a save game, when it changes from day to night.

I played for one ingame-day with that savegame and can say the following:

The errorlist is growing exponential until I break the game via [alt]+[f4].

Getting the same issue, is it fixed, planning on?

I saw this as well very shortly after loading a save that otherwise seemed to have no problems.