3rd party lua modules

I’ve been wondering what restrictions there will be on loading modules ( require’ ’ )?
will be possible to drop down to another language, say C, and write your own modules?

I could see myself having some fun implementing neural nets and genetic algorithms in VHDL, and have it run FPGAs talking to the game.

and hardware accelerated AI using openCL also sound like a fun possibility :smiley:

Excuse me sir, but we mainly speak English here, if you can understand that.

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@wolfen So far we do not know yet. I do expect that we will not get access to all Lua features and that functionalities like loading modules might be restricted.

Sir, I believe you will find like minded folk here

but I too have wondered similar

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I know I’ve been lurking in there for some time, before I got curious about the possibilities of loading external modules. There’s not much idea in trying to implement AI systems in hardware, if there is no way of connecting it to the game.

I have 2 spartan 6 and 1 cyclone 4 FPGA lying on my table just begging for project like that, and I properly end up buying a Parallella Introduction | Parallella that’s some serious computer power in a little package ( dual-core ARM processor, a pretty large FPGA, and the 16-core risk-based Epiphany accelerator ).

I’ve been playing around with the idea of an NPC faction being ruled by a council, where each member is a separate AI with it own agenda, trying to influence each other ( bribes, treats, arguments, maybe even assassination).