Writer's Workshop 3: The Wrath of Mer!

wow, you guys are going for dark an ominous, aren’t you! :smile: :+1:

well done!

@Heilari, if we both make it to the next round, perhaps our main characters could duke it out?

Sure, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

mind quickly envisions several horrible outcomes


I don’t care if my character dies on 2 conditions,

He has to look badass before dieing,

He has to die in the most gruesome way possible.

Where do we upload our stories? I’ve had a neat idea for Rabbit-people vs Kobold tunnel warfare that I’ve been meaning to put to text.

sorry, I suppose I should update the OP accordingly:

Damn it @Teleros, stop making it harder for me to earn a title!

All in all though, good story.

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People do like goblins it seems :slight_smile:

They’re the only enemy in the game so far, you don’t get much choice. Although @Hieronymous did do trees.

hahaha… it was quite the entertaining entry though, wasn’t it? :smile: :+1:

loved all the cameos!! and really pleased at the excellent turnout so far…

Conflict could be two soldiers talking about who is going to take which watch. Conflict doesn’t necessarily mean that you beat each other up. @SteveAdamo just created the possibility to make combat scenes :slight_smile:



To quote:

Nothing there that says it has to be gory combat :wink: . Just conflict / struggle re Stonehearth. Heck, you could probably do a passionate debate amongst the devs on how to implement a feature :smiley: .


I was thinking of making a story with two guards discussing about who should stand guard at the stone stockpile and which should stand at the wood stockpile. :smiley:

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Is this going to be a Jack Sparrow type thing and a goblin runs off with the wood and stone anyway?

I think the stockpiles are looted when they arrive :stuck_out_tongue: (If the story progress that long)

@Silas really like the concept of the story :smiley: I already feel bad for my Heartlings


Thanks! It was fun to write. :slight_smile:


oh man… I was cracking up at my desk re: the berries… :smile:

perhaps its my ego getting the better of me, but I took a real shine to that “Steve” character… he seems like good stock… :wink:


I would never pander to my audience.

shifty eye


Yeah, there were only so many options, goblins were taken, and the way my settlers always seem to clear-cut the moment they arrive, well, at some point there’s gonna be some consequences for that, right ? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t normally write stuff like this but the concept just came too naturally not to flesh it out a bit.

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I’m afraid this has many interpretations. Conflict as in “fighting” or maybe “a challenge between two characters” or simply a “difficulty” Can I write about any of these, or were you talking about specifically fighting?

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