Writer’s Workshop Theme Suggestions: Cycle 1, Week 3

Hello everyone, we need your suggestions for next week’s Writer’s Workshop competition theme.

As such, we would like you all to suggest what you think would be good for everyone to focus on writing about. The themes can range from things like ‘Where did the Dwarves come from’ to ‘Summer in Stonehearth’.

They don’t necessarily have to be directly related to Stonehearth however - the important thing is that we decide what to write about together.

That is what this thread is for, so, a few ground rules:

  • Make 1 suggestion. We’ve settled on one as it keeps things fresh, and stops everyone burning out of ideas, plus it keeps things manageable and prevents a load of unseen suggestions.

  • Feel free to post suggestions you have previously posted.

  • Sample entry: “My suggestion is Where did the Dwarves come from

  • Like as many posts as you want in here. That way we can gauge levels of interest for each respective theme/ topic.

  • If you wish to discuss anything in this thread, then please head over here. Any posts in this topic that aren’t suggestions will unfortunately be deleted or moved.

  • Similarly if there are duplicate suggestions we’ll keep the original and delete the subsequent ones, this is only to keep things as tidy as possible.

And with that, thank you all for reading! Suggest your themes here, and feel free to look over the competition rules and discuss the specifics in this thread.

Suggestions will close Wednesday July 24th in preparation for week 3 of the competition.

Have fun!

i suppose i’ll kick it off with a suggestion of my own…

origin story of the Stonehearth wombat

where did they originate, and how did the migrate to the Stonehearth setting? are they kept as pets, used as home protection? consumed?

so… what’s your take on the adorable little furball?

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The discovery of Magic in Stonehearth.

How did the people react? How did people first harness this untold power? Was it for good…or “other” reasons?


How about, anything to do with the first battle?


reminder: theme submissions for the next round of the writer’s workshop will close on Wednesday, July 24th

and don’t forget to vote in the current round, as it will be closing then too…

be sure and submit a suggestion for the next round of the qubicle competition as well!

final call for both theme suggestions for week 3, and story submissions for week 2!! :smiley:

A day on the life of a goblin

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The age of Titans

Who and what are they where did they come from what is their purpose?

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I think a wasteland biome maybe with a few creatures!

congratulations to @Geoffers747 for his theme suggestion of the first battle!

week 2’s winners will be announced shortly, and week 3 submissions will open soon…