Villager "needs"

Do you guys think that villagers will have some kind of needs like food, water, sleep etc. and if so if we would be able to have some kind of like display to see what they need and when

Also do you guys think that the villagers will have certain times that they work (Ex. a blacksmith is only in the forge from 8am to 6pm etc.)

Let me know what you think!

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Funny you should ask, I’ve just updated the Q & A, and something very similar cropped up:

So, yes they’ll have needs of some form of needs, including eating and drinking and sleeping.

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the divelopers did say that the people will need food, sleep etc, but they will be independed and will be able to take care of themselfs, so its dont goin to be like sims or something like that. they also said that they will have a certain behavers, like goin to work at certain time (or not goin if they are sick), playng or sleeping in there free time etc.

there is some additional information on this basic idea on the official site as well (under the about portion):

We know that there are lots of different play-styles for this kind of
game. Some players want to focus on building an incredibly awesome
city with happy, well-fed citizens.

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Speaking of sleep, is the day/night going to be sudden, like Dont Starve, or dynamic, sort of like minecraft?

My vote is for dynamic. (gradual?) I’d like some warning.

From the pizza party livestream:

  • What do you have in mind for scale of time, will it be close to real time? 40:45

“It won’t be close to real time … there will be acceleration of time there, some sort of night day cycle, the ability to speed up and pause as well.”

I would rather have it be more gradual.

I’m glad that the villagers will fulfill their own needs instead of you having to control it, EG Prison Architect’s regime system.

Talking about needs… Food should come out as well, so you need to build latrines. If not your village will smell and attract goblins and plague. :smiling_imp:



Could start a zombie plague. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, yeah. Don’t **** in the street, or you’ll turn into a zombie!

For food and drink, Id really like the Dwarf Fortress way, they get hungry/thirsty, they go get what they need and eat/drink themselves.

And, well, I do hope they do different stuff when they do not have a job.

you dont need to hope, the developers said that this is what will hapend :smile:

[quote=“Mokkun, post:12, topic:1460, full:true”]
For food and drink, Id really like the Dwarf Fortress way, they get hungry/thirsty, they go get what they need and eat/drink themselves.[/quote]
aye, the units will get tired/hungry and will act on their own accord to address those needs… of course, if you arent providing an adequate amount of food, or poor bedding, the units will “react” accordingly as well… :smiley:

yes, in the pizza party livestream (i believe), they were discussing the desire to have random idle animations, and that while there will certainly be some “out of the box”, that this is absolutely something we can add as well… sitting by the water, pacing around anxiously, flying a kite, etc. :slight_smile:

Thinking about Dwarf Fortress and “idle” stuff, it made me think that it would be really amusing for your little dudes to have small parties occasionally. Like how they intend to do festivals, but smaller, and basically the only ones getting upset if there is not enough Fun from said parties is your little guys. Or maybe they would just get a buff if they did. I don’t know how the devs think would be a better way to do it.

I’d just like an in game excuse to see impromptu dancing and merriment accompanied by a little band with whatever instruments make it in.

Alongside that, your various pets playing with your guys and each other would be fun. It might also be fun to see your dogs occasionally chase your cats and stuff.

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