UI error when clicking Merchant's portrait

Summary: UI error when clicking merchant’s portrait

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a Stall.
  2. Summon the merchant / trader.
  3. Click on the portrait.

Expected Results: No errors.

Actual Results: The Character sheet appears, but it has several bugs since there’s not enough information to fill all the tabs. A UI error appears:
release-549 (x64) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'tracking_data' of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property 'tracking_data' of undefined at null.<anonymous> (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/game/character_sheets/citizen_character_sheet/citizen_character_sheet.js:447:82) at DeferredActionQueues.invoke (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:679:18) at Object.DeferredActionQueues.flush (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:749:15) at Object.Backburner.end (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:135:27) at http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:521:20

Notes: I found this while modding another human_npc. It might have been mentioned when the stall was introduced. @linda ?


Version Number and Mods in use: A15-r549


Thanks for catching this! A fix will be in the next build.