Trading, lending, exploration

Servus, Hello!

I would like to suggest some kind of trading/lend out with other villages (off map), not just for ressources but for hearthlings too! Let me get in detail (I would like to apologize for any english grammar faults in the following)

Since there a alot of other villages in the world of stonehearth i know that there are already thoughts about trading with them. As i’ve played more and more i caught myself thinking, how cool would it be to build some kind of partnership with other towns.

First task would be to to get in contact with other settlements. I thought about some kind of simple exploration(i have to admit that fallout shelter inspired me for the following idea). How about you can send hearthlings off to search for contact. Making them leave your town for a selected amount of days and getting into the wild. A level 6 footman should ofcourse do better in the wild then a level 2 carpender. Adding the posibilty for them to die(orc-wolf-ambush[?]) would make this more exciting.

You’ve found some friendly hearthlings(or maybe theyve found you[?]) ! Nice so its time to get the trading flowing. This should open some kind of list where you are able to scroll through different towns/villages and see their benefits. Village A produces a lot of wool, but is in need of iron ore. Village B needs wool but has not yet made contact to A. I could get wool from A ,which would increase my relationship to them, and sell it to B with the same positive effect.


Village C lost it cook in a raid and is due to low numbers not able to retrain one for now. How about sending them your cook for a agreed price & time (room for negotiate[?]) This could greatly improve the relationship since they are in need for something badly. Lending troops or workers could be an option too. Losing your stuff /and/or people should always be a posibility.

After improving your relationship, more and more options should be available. It could also lower the prices to get stuff (?) or make it more likely that you get help to, if needed.

Events like a blockade /storm could interrrupt trading/lendin and would require action to be taken. Sendin armored troops to patrol the roads could decrease the chance of getting robbed etc.

Just some basic thoughts. What do you think ?