They just stay there

So I created a few buildings design and as I was also trying to build a wall was my village the entry of the wall towards the village which was just experimental causes a bug with the character they finish the roof top and then they just stay there doing nothing all game. I believe it’s not only a matter of a bug fix it is also needed a system even if temporary that would allow us to move or reset those specific characters as needed. P.S desktop version.

Expected Results:
I hope but I know it’s unrealistic that bug to be fixed, if not fixed that a temporary tool be available cause it kind of sucks to have to re-start the whole building process over and over again.
Actual Results:

someone might have already reported this but still ty ty.

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

If they’re reachable on the roof: just build a ladder.

Otherwise, you might have to use the console (CtrlC to open):

  • If they’re stuck in blocks somehow, select the stuck character, then type reset in the console textbox, and press enter. This will move them to a clear space.
  • Or use the teleport command. You’ll use it mostly the same, but after entering it lets you pick a place to move that character (move your cursor until the flag shows up where you want it, then click to teleport.)

If after that they’re still stuck in place due to AI problems, you’re probably out of luck.

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