Taking Questions about Mixintos and Overrides


So i was thinking a lot and what if it was done as a variant like eyebrows? They dont replace the original model just add to it, anyone want to have a try at it?


I thought about it, too. If we replace the hair with a hat, all males with that hat would look the same, and females too (except for eyebrows etc.) I think the head models have currently the hair attached, so for the moment would not even be possible.
There’s other option, make the hat model with a default head attached, which would be useless due to the skin color.
I think the problem right now is that the hair that stands out of the hat should not be visible; in terms of 3D I think on boolean operations, but I don’t know how Radiant will solve this headgear issue.

Doing it as a variant like eyebrows… I think I would get the same result as in the pictures I posted (they retain the hair, eyebrows and beards).


You’d have to the following to make it work well (IMHO):

  1. Make hair a separate model from the head (it’s not at the moment).

  2. Tell the game which hair can be used on which head when no helmet is equipped.

  3. Possibly duplicate some heads, but “paint” on some hair so that, for example, a man with a full head of hair doesn’t look bald underneath his helmet when he puts it on.

It’s simple, but it would be tedious work.


There’s also way number four: Allow modification of the voxel models. We’ve been over this some time ago.

Just by cloning the model and modifying voxels/matrices you could actually achieve a lot. I’m just thinking about dynamic aging (i.e. your citizen’s hair growing greyer the older they become, their face paler, the eyes lose their saturation). There is a lot of potential that could be unlocked with just VoxelModel.Clone and VoxelMatrix.SetVoxel.


the amount of work you do to make your point :thumbsup: :smile:


I dont know what went wrong. But overwriting the colors in the json for the terrain does not work anymore. It always used to work.
It works when directly changing the original file, so the colors are still selected from there.

here is the little mod. Can anyone check if it works on their game, or see what is wrong?



It’s so weird. This is bad for my mod, too. I tried modifying the manifest several times but to no avail. Maybe the world generation doesn’t pick it from the mod. Something must be wrong… it’s just an override :confused:


yea, that is weird. all other overrides just work fine.


I’ve been having similar issues attempting to override the goblin.json to test some new models. Doesn’t seem to do a thing. . .


Maybe its a priority thing, the map builder calls the core file before it access the mod file


yea that could be, but dont think it is intended. Lets call in @sdee.


I haven’t checked the source but it sounds a lot like this file became useless. It wouldn’t be the first, after all there are dozen of orphaned files in the game right now.


It is not useless. I replaced the original file directly in the stonehearth.smod, and that just worked properly. So it is not an orphaned one.


Paging in @Albert. Are terrain colors still sourced somewhere accessible?


@sdee - The terrain colors still come from terrain_renderer.json. If they’re not overriding, we’ll need to look at the mixin system.


Issue added to the board.


You should post a picture of the board, but make it all at an angle and really blurry.


:laughing: ahh, the good ol’ days…

for the uninitiated:


In hindsight, I can see how I could come across as being sarcastic. I wasn’t, I genuinely think it’d be amusing for them to post a “sneaky pic of what we’re working on” for it to simply be this god awful out of focus zoomed in shot of a whiteboard.

Although if they wish to make it somewhat decipherable that’s their prerogative :stuck_out_tongue:


To tell you the truth, there is a secret waiting patiently for its moment of glory… I’m sure lots of us know what I mean.