Stonehearth Movie (Fan made FILM) - Rise of a brave girl

Hi guys, this is a little project I have done, a Fan Film of Stonehearth.

Like a lot of you guys, I have been following Stonehearth with great anticipation ever since last year, and drooling over the pleasant surprises from the Desktop Tuesday/Wednesdays each week.

The weekly wait was not always enough to quench my thirst, and I have read through this discourse page, and I have watched the few youtube videos out there, however they only temporarily satisfied my craving for more Stonehearth awesomeness.

From my searches I couldnt find a fan film based on Stonehearth, and have decided to take it upon myself to increase the awareness of the world to the gorgeous graphics of this game. I am very new at this video thing so it was pretty much a learning process.

I hope you guys enjoy it, please feel free to leave comments on the video, including constructive feedbacks. Thank you! =)


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