Stonehearth Modding FAQ

Both links under this heading have been broken.

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thanks for catching this! :+1:

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Fixed the links on the OP, @NobodyPro.

@brad, pictures here aren’t showing for me, I think their links are broken :disappointed_relieved:


brilliant, thanks! :+1:



Im having problems with this mod can some one help me out??

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disregard the plurals i fix all them


Can anybody explain to me (or link to the proper forum post that explains) how to create a building template .json file? I know that I can create a building template in-game; however, if I try to create a “Weaver House” building in-game that follows the same design as the “Carpenter House” template, I can’t use the feature that lets me see through the walls and roofs because I can’t accurately create the walls to the proper shape without going block by block, but if I go block by block, then it’s not considered a wall, it’s considered several “slabs”. Hopefully that’s understandable enough…but I also hope that someone can explain it to me… Any help is appreciated, thank you…

P.S: Let me know if any part of this is hard to understand, and I can try to elaborate. :sweat: