Starting Hearthling Question

I was just curious on if it was possible to choose which Hearthlings we start with. I do not mind the random stats on each of them but I’ve found rerolling for 2 hours of my gameplay to get the ones I really like tedious. Now with the new Hairstyles in the game it makes it a lot harder. If not the look of the hearthling, can we at least pick how many males and females xD I love how 90% of the time I have 6/7 Hearthlings female.

Please let me know <3

though there isnt an official way to do it, there is this mod,

however i dont believe it is currently working with the new A14 build…

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I guess I will keep an eye on it! I am hoping that at least in the future we can pick at least genders =P I just find it funny that the majority of my gameplay consists of rerolling. I always update to the latest development build which means I restart my town often hehe so let the rerolling begin!

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