(solved)Blacksmith and Engineer don't use the "Vault" chest

Hello everyone,

my Blacksmith and Engineer don’t use the Items in the “Vault” chest.
for example.
I have 101 copper ingots in a chest near of both workshops.
But when i open the shop workshop, i own 0 copper ingots.

i don’t know if that is only a bug in my game, i didn’t found anything similar to this in the forum.
My Game Version is Alpha 19, 0.19.0 (release 687) x64build.

Greetings to everyone and a happy new year.

Probabaly because they don’t use ‘Copper’

They use Bronze, you need to craft then through the blacksmith using one Copper and one Tin ingot

Also, welcome to the discourse!


i am so stupid -.-
mixed them up, you are right.
maybe i should sleep more :slight_smile:

thank you very much

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