Show the price of items in the crafters' windows

My suggestion is to show the price of items on the crafters’ windows.
I think that have 2 ways to create this feature.

  • All items’ price is showed.
  • Just items that was sold is showed its price.

Why this suggestion?
Well, I like to create items to sell, and i think that is more easy if the price is showed to know what item is more worth to make to sell.

What do you guys think about this?


capitalism 101, im glad someone understands my troubles, also i wanna know if different traders have different prices for who you can sell to, like if i wanted to sell all the chairs i have then what will each trader offer.

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Nop, all traders have the same price line.

oh ok, then would it make sense to have different prices for each trader? such as someone who sells furs will take furs for 1 gold each, and someone who makes beds will buy for 5 gold?

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Well, I have played Skyrim for a long time and I like and dont like this system. Its interesting because it leaves a dynamic style for sales, but it is annoying when I want to sell a lot of items that is making my inventory full and the merchant who is buying these items, is buying for a low price. BUT leave the game more realistic.

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I suppose it would also make things a bit more difficult if the player needed resources quick but couldn’t come up with the money by selling things and then the player has the town wiped out because some stone or equipment was unable to be purchased.

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