[Res] Sheep phasing into the landscape

I was playing r41 for a little while today, and I’m really loving the progress in the game so far! The animal models look awesome! One thing I happened to notice, though, was that the sheep ended up wandering into a hillside. Here’s what I mean…

Who knows how far that little fluffy critter would have gone before it disappeared entirely, lost in the depths of the earth…

In any case, I just figured I’d report this!


Oh dear… I believe you’ve found a new species of sheep…

Open dusty Book of Latin

Let’s call it… Cuniculis Crintus! Also known as Burrowing Fluffy! :wink:


So I have an update on the burrowing sheep. I first noticed their digging efforts on day 2 or so, and so on the night of day 3-4… here’s the same area!

And so I zoomed out a bit when the daylight came, and lo and behold, the sheep that occupied this particular area have disappeared somewhere. :open_mouth:

Circled area is where the very first picture was taken.

Well, now we know how far they’re willing to go. Didn’t anyone tell the sheep that we won’t get to mining and Dwarves for a while yet? :wink:

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pay no mind, these sheep hasten from one of the as yet undiscovered alternate planes… they are more commonly referred to as “phase sheep”…


Stonehearth Alpha 1 (r41)

Bug: I suppose it’s a glitch, not a bug… Sheep going/clipping underground.

Summary: I was exploring the map to see if there was anything cool to look at and then I saw these weird white spots on the grass. And they were moving! I suddenly realized they were… sheep.

Steps to Reproduce:
You can’t manually reproduce it for now, but it happens when sheep are spawned on the lower terrain types (the brown one) and then walk towards the plains. Instead of moving up they just go under, clipping beneath the terrain surface.

Expected Results: Until I can fend off evil minions from the underground I would expect my sheep to behave properly and live on the surface :smile:

Actual Results: The Undersheep!


One day there will be these cute little stepping stones you can use to cross water, and then you’ll realize they’re moving.

Awesome screenshots! Will see what we can do to repro.


Hmm, I think a merge is in order

Maybe the sheep simply have no care for the trivial limits of the body?


So the sheep have been experimenting with quantum tunneling…

Interesting. Maybe they’ll lead the way to the alternate planes stretch goal.

EDIT: I’ve edited the first post to remove all the extra 's’s where ‘sheep’ was plural lol


You guys added Sheep?!


Oh, BTW, did you guys add Bunnies yet?

I moved 6 posts to an existing topic: Not sure if bug, but hill-burrowing sheep in r41

Come on now … http://stonehearth.net/2014/02/13/alpha-1-r41-now-available-on-steam/

Sheep and rabbits have been added to the game.

You double-posted me! Or made me double-post! Or I double-posted for you. Or… ermm… whatever. Thing is, my post got moved twice, apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a little overexcited, @SteveAdamo hammered home the third merge. What can I say? We really appreciate a good bug report.


Oh, good to know. I was about to report a bug where moderators were duping my bug reports :stuck_out_tongue:

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I should refrain from wielding my vast moderating powers whilst traveling with my smart phone


Well, it seems that the sheep aren’t burrowing, they’re teleporting!

Opens dusty Book of Latin

Cough Cough Hm… let’s see…

I dub thee Mercurius Oves, or the Sheep of Mercury! (Mercury, y’know, fast traveling Roman God?)

Wait, I started Stonehearth and made a new world, and I didn’t see animals roaming. Do I need to update or something or am I a complete noob?

Whilst this is most likely the cause, we’ll pretend it isn’t.

You should be playing build 41, with the map and everything?
If you’re not playing build 41 then no critters.

Are you playing through Steam? Are auto-updates enabled?

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Make sure your on patch 41. If you are then it’s probably because none spawned. They are quite sparse and don’t always spawn.

Holy hell. I’m still playing Release 34? WTF?

It also doesn’t replace the Play Button with the Update Button. I think I’m going to have to reinstall SH.