[release 840] Error when getting new Hearthling

Got the following error after the Daily Message:


release-840 (x64)[M]
CHECK failed: C:\rb\ihome\root\SH-OB0-BUILD\stonehearth\source\lib\lua\ai\execution_frame.cpp:743
state changed in RestartThinking starting_thinking -> stopped
frame: stonehearth:top
unit: human work dispatcher
compound: human work dispatcher
frame: stonehearth:work
unit: build
task_group: build
frame: task_group:1060
unit: TASKstonehearth:fabricate_chunk
task: TASKstonehearth:fabricate_chunk
frame: stonehearth:fabricate_chunk
unit: fabricate chunk
compound: fabricate chunk
frame: stonehearth:pickup_item_made_of
unit: pickup item made of
compound: pickup item made of
frame: stonehearth:pickup_item_type
unit: pickup item type from any storage
compound: pickup item type from any storage
frame: stonehearth:pickup_item_type_from_storage
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘set_think_output’
…th/ai/actions/find_best_reachable_entity_by_type.lua:158: in function ‘_set_result’
…th/ai/actions/find_best_reachable_entity_by_type.lua:95: in function ‘found_cb’
stonehearth/components/item_finder/item_search.lua:182: in function ‘_call_found_cb’
stonehearth/components/item_finder/item_search.lua:200: in function ‘_call_found_cbs’
stonehearth/components/item_finder/item_search.lua:130: in function <stonehearth/components/item_finder/item_search.lua:106>

release-840 (x64)[M]
c++ exception: lua runtime error
stack traceback:

Might be related to the giant map mod I’m using. Only other mod is Pawel’s LostEms mod but I used neither of his assets in my builds.

Save file: 1526071392177.zip (9.8 MB)

thats an ai error that he cant find an item

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