Qubicle Competition Hiatus - Resumes 30th September

I’ve made the decision to cancel this month’s final of the Qubicle competition. With the possibility of only 2 or 3 submissions for the final I felt that it would be best to cancel this month, and roll everything into next months final.

The competition itself is now on a bit of a break and will resume on the 30th September with each week being Halloween themed in some way - I’ll announce those shortly. The weeks that have been announced already:

  • Buildings
  • Freestyle
  • Mythical Creatures

Will all be postponed until November.

Just to reiterate, finalists from this month have automatically earned a place into next months final.

I will contact @Tim to see about offering the top two places next month a copy of Qubicle.

I am also looking to provide more prizes for next month, we’ll see where I get with that!

Feel free to post your rage filled comments here regarding this terrible decision.

Check the updated Theme schedule here

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Wait, there was problems with the Qubicle competition? And not with the Writer’s? What is this forum world coming to?! :scream:

“Wake me up when September ends”, so that I can join this competition. XD

hey now! i was just as shocked as you take offense to that …

Good gracious you Americans are easy to offend I hadn’t meant it offensively! I was just surprised at the way round they were, guess it just proves how well you guys did in rejuvenating the Writer’s :smile:

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Just cross-posting this to ensure everyone sees it.

A massive thank you to the guys over at Screwfly Studios who have kindly given us a Steam Key for Zafehouse: Diaries.

This will be one of the prizes given to a person who places 1st in weeks 1, 2 or 3 during October!


And we’re back in business!

Check it out yo!