Overide Vs. Mixinto

I understand that overrides replace the file in question, and mixinto adds to it. My question is though, if I replace a file using an override, does this prevent it from being compatible with other mods that would use a mixinto on the same file?

Try it and let us know!

Good question!
I would guess that compatibility would be broken, yes.

If your mod gets added first and then the other mod, it might work - maybe.
I’d say the safest bet is to say that overriding a file breaks all compatibility with other mods. If I recall correctly, this is what I found out when working on my mod.

That was my thought too, but being you can’t assign a load order (that I know of), it’d be like rolling dice to whether it worked or not.

Exactly! xD
I’d like to claim I’m 97% sure you’ll break any kind of compatibility with other mods.

I don’t know if you are looking to override due to the file being a Lua-file; but during one of the streams I asked if it is possible to mixinto for Lua-files.
The answer I got can be seen here (starts at around 00:51:20 into the stream, and goes on for maybe 5 minutes) - NOTE, I don’t think this video will remain on Twitch for much longer!

If I recall correctly, the suggestion shown was one made by @BrunoSupremo (for the Archipelago Mod I think).

Id be willing to bet the C++ enging finds all overrides first, then does the mix-in’s. This would mean you’d be rolling the dice if two mods try to override the same file, which is why it’s discouraged (and you can always just append new functions to old classes/objects)