[NaB] Digging yourself into a hole

So I’m not sure if this is a bug or not and I may have gotten ahead of myself in the tutorial but I dug a hole and got all my villagers stuck in a hole. Also how am I supposed to upload an image for this bug if “Sorry, new users can not upload images.”?

You can copy and paste a screenshot straight into a reply or new post and it will automatically embed

build a ladder to get them out. if it is every hearthling in to hole its game over :frowning: sry man

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Gives me the same message for copy and pasting and dragging and dropping.

I’d figured as much. You probably want them to be able to make a ramp or something for digging.

Oh I didn’t realize you were a new user… Paging @SteveAdamo He will embed it for ya :smiley:


hey there @Virkkoka … welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to upload to imgur.com and I will embed the image for you… :+1:

If they make it so we could dig 1 square at a time then you could dig out! trick is to always promote at least one hearthlinge right away. this way he wont dig and can always help out your drones with a ladder :smile:

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Here it is I just haven’t used imgur in a while. I can dig under the grass layer but not up.

All my Hearthlings are down there. As devoderek said my Hearthings are doomed to starve to death.

indent preformatted text by 4 spaceshttp://i.imgur.com/qIzaheD.png

This is not a bug. From the start of mining brought in the game, the Devs have said that the hearthling will dig a hole leaving a way out as long as possible, till the end of the dig. Make sure you always have a carpenter. He can provide a ladder if all your workers are in a hole. :smile:

you can sort of do this by telling them to build roads/floors and then canceling once the area has been dug out.

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good idea :smiley: Never thought of that!

This wouldn’t be an issue so much if it were easier to fine-tune select how large an area to dig: the player could simply have the miners carve stairs leading out. Right now we can’t do this because the default dig area selection is a massive chunk.

You will be able to do that in the future, mining got brought in at Alpha 7, so it still in early stages. that did talk about mining smaller blocks later

So long as there’s at least some stone at the bottom, you should be able to make a custom building using just slabs and make a set of stairs to climb up.