Moveable UI elements

Just a thought I had when recording the video I used for the last four bug reports I posted. I think it might be nice to be able to move certain UI elements, particularly the Citizen Management (and similar) windows, around the way you would a Windows window. This because when I was recording that video the first few times (I had some issues with it at first), I ended up blocking part of the debugging information about the way the game was running (whether it was spending its efforts on pathfinding, lua, etc.) with the Citizen Management window. Unfortunately, I forgot to do it in the video that ended up (otherwise) successful, so I can’t show it there.

Anyway, it seemed quite natural for me to move it over a bit, and the window even sort of looks like it would allow for that, so I thought I’d post it as a suggestion. I don’t know if this is doable or not, but it’s just a thought, of course.


excellent suggestion… moveable/dockable menu screens certainly seems feasible, given how the UI is currently written (HTML + JavaScript + Chromium)…

should be an “easy” adjustment… :wink:

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Welllllcome back from the dead.

If we could move windows, live would be soooo much easier.


thanks for the resurrection @groms … I’m hopeful someone will take up this charge! :smile:


Don’t tempt me! :grimacing:

Actually, I think this could be implemented with a single JavaScript function, a single CSS class, and then two attributes per draggable element…one for the handle and one for the container…

Alright, fine, you’ve convinced me. I’ll do it.

Seriously though: No promises. Things are never quite as easy as they seem and I’ve probably missed some major roadblock, but I might give this a shot.


IT IS A LIVE, no really, would be a good feature.

woohoo! :+1:

too late, you have made a solemn internet vow… these things can’t be taken lightly… you do not want to upset the internet deities!


+1 on this suggestion.