Mixintos and overrides

I am Russian localizer and I have a problem.
I want to copy English locale with “overrides” as Russian one, and then localize it with “mixintos” to avoid missing keys after mods updates. But the problem is that I can’t process one file twice in the “manifest”, and it seems like “mixintos” runs before “overrides” in any case.
There is solution for this problem?

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@Wiese2007 afaik is most up to date on how to do translations? maybe he can help

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You could try using a mixin inside the localization file itself.

So inside the Russian localization file you’re working on, add this at the beginning:

"mixins": "/stonehearth/locales/en.json",

so your Russian file will start on top of the existing english locale and then everything below will replace the existing keys with your desired translations. However, any non-existing keys in your file (so new things added after an update, for example) will have been imported.

So you don’t have to use overrides or anything like that in the manifest, just the normal mixinto :slight_smile:


Thank you!
I will try it!


If you want to know, it helped me a lot and I achieved what I wanted :slight_smile: