Mining with help of ladders

indeed it would be helpful, @sdee is such a thing planned?

another thing to note, whenever a bug is fixed it gets changed to resolved bug instead of active bug

Sure, that’s why Steam Latest Branch Updated to develop-2494
(ok, ok, perhaps not the better place to post it but that was one of my first post here, sorry!)

And I strongly agree with Reakktor’s suggestion just above.

Paging @albert! This may be fallout of some “reaching” code we recently wrote.

To answer your questions about bug fixes, we do use an internal database, and periodically load bugs from here into that DB. It is not public because we haven’t yet switched from feature implementation to bug fixing, so we judge that at the moment, a public DB would be more of a distraction to both you and us than an aid.

That said, please keep reporting bugs! They are very useful to us. In this case, for example, I had noticed the behavior but not filed it internally because I wasn’t sure if it was stuck Hearthlings or actual mining zone accessibility issues.


Yeah I figured it was reaching code since it showed up right after that was implemented. Thanks for acknowledging the issue. I hope it’ll get fixed soon.


Still a bit off topic, sorry, but concerning the managment of bugs, what about the pinned topic Confirmed Bug List [Work In Progress]? It’s a bit confusing, is that a dead topic?

Bug confirmed, but it doesn’t look like the result of the “reaching” code. Seems to be a pathfinding issue. It only seems to occur when trying to go up a ladder to mine. Going down appears to be fine.


well considering there are only five posts, the last being from December 2013, im going to say yes :wink:

Fixed for the next patch. Thanks for the help!


I builded ladder but I still can’t mine this block. Any idea?

Well, if you read this thread, you may see you cannot because of… the bug the thread is about! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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just so you know, i did merge his thread with this one, so he may not have seen the rest off this thread :wink:

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Rooooo what a bad boy! Haven’t seen the initial post, sorry!! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

no need to apologize :laughing:

just dont make the mistake again, lest you end up like that boy…

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