Mayor or King for our towns?

Any thought to having a town leader with slight bonus?..

Barber or item for character customization…

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would be a nice hard mode alternative like a defend the flag mode, but with a King in this case
all his abilities basically what potions do, buff hp strength etc
desert map only? footmen only? king dies town dies?

The Hearthlings could come together every 7 or 14 days at the campfire and vote one Hearthling to be the mayor (for the next 7 or 14 days).

The mayor-bonus could be like boosting the job they are doing - like footman strike harder, farmer grow faster plants, carpenters always create stuff in high quality.

Plus quests don’t pop up anymore on the screen but a person comes to your town and the current mayor has to speak with them in order to aquire the dialogue screen to accept the quest or not. So the mayor has this huge bonus but also a timeout for quests.

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