Let's Talk Biomes

The latest graphics test has got me thinking of this thread again. @Geoffers747, you have done an excellent job on compiling all the info from live stream Q&A’s. Was there anything new to add to this thread since May?

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I think Biomes have been just mentioned once in one of the streams… looks like the devs are really focusing on the core features first and things like the Biomes are further down on the to do list.

There is a ton of stuff that @Ellogeyen kindly noted from the livestreams in general which I am yet to add (there’s a whole issue with formatting and things that mean I will probably need to dedicate one or two hours to do it all).

It is all however in the ‘Announced features’ thread in a condensed form :slight_smile:

In regards to biomes specifically … I don’t think there is anything else to add I’m afraid! Like @voxel_pirate says it’s probably one of those things that is further down the list!

Ok, I love all the ideas but the volcanic wasteland should have geysers etc.) so i you build a city there you get warm waters so you can make hot baths which will increase your happiness.
Two new biome ideas mountains and ice/glacier biomes. Mountains have huge mountains with goats paths on them and caves lots so iron and coal will be plentiful i don’t know but then a very high yak spawn rate. In glacier biomes it’ll be a good idea to have sledges to travel the glaciers they are really rich in minerals but you have to travel underground which is a long way down. With freezing water which your people might freeze to death it’ll be super cold and you’ll need loads of clothes to keep warm so it limits your movements it’ll be dangerous to mine there but is it worth the minerals. Any more developments on this idea will be appreciated

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