How to delete account

How do I delete my account on this site.

Hi there @lightning21games. As you have posts on this site, it’s not so simple to delete your account as doing so would likely cause confusion in topics where you posted. I have a couple of options for you:

  1. The quickest and simplest method would be to “anonymize” your account. All your posts would have the username changed, your account would no longer exist, and it would be very difficult to reverse.
  2. Your account could be “suspended.” This would only prevent login, all posts would still exist. This could be reversed.
  3. I could go through your existing posts and delete them individually. As there are less than a dozen, assuming no previous conversations would be broken I could manually delete each post and then fully delete your account. This cannot be reversed.

Dear @jomaxro,

How does one ‘anonymize’ its account?

You send a request to a site admin or moderator. Would you like me to anonymize your account?

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If it’s possible I would like to have my account fully deleted, I only have a few posts.

If it’s not possible, I would like to have my account anonymized.

Thanks in advantage.