How about a king?



Your building is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what you could do with a free-standing castle/palace.

I’ve been trying to build a castle in which storage, weavers and cooks are also stationed but have yet to succeed.


Thank you Maddy :merry:

Now i am getting qurious… When you write freestanding castle/palace, im not quite certain what you refer to? Could you try and put up a refrence picture or two of one?


As water is currently very hard to use properly, building it inside a lake is the only option and I’d much more prefer digging waterways through my towns. So if it could be lowered or highered on ground or a slab structure as natural defenses that would be great. Also a few towers and main building are a must !


Ok i see what you mean then. Im not sure ill make it with my tails method then, lets see if i can develop a new designstyle :jubilant:


If you could do something with walls and a gatehouse on a plateau you might have some more options to go from there with the main building ?