Goblins' attack!


I do have a save, for the exact moment before it happens

lol and if you dont kill all the fires, they just respawn the next day. I am having a heck of a time trying to kill all of these things. game keeps freezing up lol


I think this one was also similar…

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alrighty, i’ll merge em.

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I would agree. Paging @8BitCrab, need a merge.

And this time you beat me!

What? 3 camps spawning within the same minute?

That looks like a bug! :cold_sweat:


yea… the fact that it wasnt just a one time thing for only one person is starting to make this look more bug-ish…

i’ll change the category.

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in mine I think I got up to 13 camp spawns at once.

this has happened twice now. so I figured it was about time I asked about it. lol

I mean it is kind of fun n all. xD but it can be stressful too lol

I do have the save file that right after you load it, they start spawning


I would definitely upload the save. It always seems to be useful to TR.


Man, that sucks. Especially since there isn’t a way to fix the ground afterwords. :weary:



there is the 13 in a row goblin attack save file.

that actually took awhile to upload. compressed and it was still 14.8 mb


:wink: (although the version uploaded here is for Alpha 12 only)…

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Hm, it’s possible to get lots of goblin raids, but 13 in a row seems a little surprising. The mechanism’s supposed to be something like:

  • camp appears, boss asks for loot
  • if you say no, camp spawns raiding parties
  • kill the boss and stop the raiding parties
  • later, three wolf camps spawn. Each camp eventually attacks, unless you kill it first
  • kill the wolf camps, and the campaign ends.
  • Another goblin camp will eventually come by

All this while it is possible to get raids from passing goblins or undead, once a day.

It’s possible that the raids are all batched up pathfinding, and then the PF solves all at once, and unloads them all at once! You can tell if your game is following the structure by downloading the debugtools mod (GitHub - stonehearth/debugtools: Stonehearth Debug Tools Mod) and looking at the book icon.

In the meantime, I’ll take a look at the saves, thanks!


Ah, I don’t have that one yet lol I’m on Alpha 11 lol