Four Ideas: Bigger maps, boats, other cities, and Prisoners

So I have three ideas

So in every map I have played there was always a body of water nearby at the edge of the map and I was thinking maybe late game after you have access to the town building designs you are able to build a dock and depending on the size you make it you can have larger and more boats. And these boats will let you fish, trade and attack other settlements (see later on).

Bigger Maps and other cities:
So I was thinking that we could have bigger maps over all, what this would let other towns and settlements be able to exist far away, Some could be sprawling cities when you start and others can start after you so they are not all the same size. And these other settlements / cities would act like city states, where they would form trade agreements, alliances, and declare war on each other. And say if the cities are farther away it would take longer for the news to reach your settlement. And in the beginning of the game you can decide if you want to join a major faction, make your own, or be a pirate city that would always attack other cities. Each with their own benefits and draw backs. Like if you join a major faction, you make more money and can make better trade deals with the nation, but you cant declare war on some other cities. While if you went independent you can trade with who ever and declare war on who ever but you don’t get as good trade opinions with major factions. And if you went pirate or outlaw settlement, you can trade with only other pirate/ outlaw settlements and you are attacked on site.

So say you attacked another settlement and instead of killing everyone up rite you can capture their people who surrender and try to convert them to your own settlement. But as a draw back they might leave your settlement or try to start trouble.


Somehow, I doubt they plan to increase the map size, at least for now. But simulating other towns “simcity style”, with an increase to the number of resources (and enticing everyone to trade for the more unique ones) might add a little something to the game.

That way, you wouldn’t have to increase the map. Another thing that could happen is your enemies sending troops towards you.


Good point, This is just a rough idea I thought worth sharing, But I think it would be cool if you had a massive map that you could travel across to other towns and cities. That way you can see your trade routes in use or see them be raided by hostile forces.

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It would be great, but it will have an impact on performance, so they might not consider it, at least soon. But I agree, it’d be very nice.

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I think that the bigger maps and the other cities will be implement with thé multiplayer update :wink: and about the boats, i think they will come with some sort of transport update Like horses…

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True about performance, I have a decent custom computer and sometimes it strugles to run everything but I was thinking maybe there is an option when choosing your world on how big it can be, how powerful the AI can become and How active they will be, etc.

That would be cool to have horses but I don’t see a use for it except for moving large amounts of items or trading (If they add that) mainly because as it is I have a time struggling with keeping a balanced fighting force that is not to overpowered but also not to week at the same time (to keep things interesting). What they could do with horses though is have the traders that come to your town actually appear and have horse drawn wagons showing their goods, instead of appearing out of thin air. And maybe later on we could make some sort of area that they would go to, to trade and collect the supplies we sell them.