[Dup] Saves deleting themselves

I have been playing this game all day (I have practically no life outside of games) and I have really enjoyed it.
I have - however - had to start multiple towns as when I have saved (both overwriting and autosaving) the save menu / text doesn’t dissapear. When I close the game and re-load it the save is gone from both the game and the game folder.
I haven’t been able to find a solution to this issue and have been wondering if this has occured to other players and whether there is a fix.
I really enjoy this game but this bug is really frustrating.

After posting this I started playing the game again. Now, the “Saving” text appeared to autosave on day 1 and the bug occured. I had previously thought that this bug happened after playing for a long period of time and nearer day 10 but I had only been playing for 10 minutes when this happened.

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