Different sized Entling or bug?

The entling on the left is much larger than the other entlings but is still called Entling. Shouldn’t it be called Ent, or do Entlings have different sizes?

Edit: Also this guy was much tougher than the smaller ones, so he should be called Ent in my opinion.

The sizes isn’t a bug, but I think it is supposed to be called an ‘Ent’ if I recall from the stream when they were being created.

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So it’s a bug then :3

Requesting section change @jomaxro

this isnt an ent (never seen lord of the rings?) this is just a giant entling ^^ so yes its a bug because the giant is missing but this here is an ent

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As @Wiese2007 says, it’s just a different size of Entling. Same happens with wolves and the giant zombie :smile:

So, it’s not a bug. But next time, could you click on them and verify the info on the unit frame? They added lots of new monsters and encounters, so there can be bugs for sure.

Sometimes I find myself clicking on their portraits, wanting to know their stats, to have an idea of how much more dangerous they are compared to the other monsters :sweat_smile:


Nope, not a bug! But I will update the unit frame display name so people can know it’s a larger sized entling. :slightly_smiling: