Desktop Tuesday: Kablooie!

Kabloieee !!! What a nice idea ! Thank you very much for this !

Wow, that UI mockup looks great!

One UX concern, however, would be if players were trying to craft one type of item and didn’t have the right type of wood, despite an abundance of other nearly-identical wood… This could be resolved by letting crafters use any type of wood/material, but with less efficiency and/or more time. For example, you could make a Pine item (for that perfect shade of brown) using Oak logs, but it’d cost +1 wood per item.

Making the more exotic woods (acacia, cactus) or stones (sandstone, perhaps a proprietary Winter biome rock like a dark basalt) produce items with different models would then let you add biome/faction-oriented options without altering the crafters in a hard-coded fashion. Two birds, one stone!


I think the Alpha 18 updates are great and I’m glad to have building removal back. One thing in particular that I really like about StoneHearth is the responsiveness to input from the community that truly influences the direction of the game.

I especially enjoyed the post for DT on Aug 2 where it stated… “So this is the vision: Stonehearth is a townbuilding/ant farm sim set in an SNES style fantasy world.”

Sometimes is see comments about “end game” classes or “capping” and “blocking” players from certain behaviors to make things more “strategic” or “challenging” and I sometimes think this runs counter-intuitive to the stated goals. I think it is wise to implement some of the cherished features from some of our favorite franchises (Dwarf Fortress, FF etc) when it blends well and makes sense with the stated objective of “ant farm sim” etc.

Personally, I’m enamored with the sim aspects of the game and I like the idea of making the game as micro or macro managed as the player would like. I think it would be cool for my 'lings to fend off a band of marauders without my input if I chose. Advancing classes and skills are all part of what makes it enjoyable but I’m less interested in “beating the map” than I am in “seeing what happens”. I realize not everybody finds my vision for StoneHearth appealing but what I’m truly hoping for is a true sim-style game that has no end game.

Thanks for all the hard work, im realy enjoying stonehearth. What i would realy like to see are:
-water springs in the mountains
-natural caves

Furthermore i would realy love to see some more engineer stuff like minecarts for faster travel, wind/watermills to make flour.

What im also missing is the possibility to station archers on walls and firing on Monsters bellow them.

Personally I’d like to see another small item “Feature creep” would be nice in the next couple of updates. Adding a couple of new crops, with food recipes, new furniture items to make. Just expands the game with stuff to make etc.

Fishing would be cool though :smiley:

I’m honored that you are still using it. Thank you Team Radiant for the great job you are doing and for communicating so well with the community.


The one smallish thing I’d finally like to see are flexible wall heights instead of just roofs. Other than that, proper water implementation, but that’s admittedly a rather big item.

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